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Since 1/2/00

Date last edited:  06/20/12



Oliver's Archive of Pictures..


Oliver at 6 weeks - while visiting him in the pet store.

Oliver 6 weeks - His first time perching!

Oliver 6 weeks old 

Oliver Perches for the first time (5 wks of age)



Oliver at 4 months old

Oliver at 4 months old.


Oliver at 6 months Oliver 6 months old
Oliver at 6 months holding his syringe

Where'd it all go???



Oliver at 9 months old just after surgery

Oliver just after surgery.   I decided to post this picture to help people understand the importance of a good wing clipping and having your bird learn how to fly before that first clipping.  This was the first of 3 surgical procedures Oliver had done. The last of which he had most of his keel bone removed.






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