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Date last edited:  06/21/12


Grey Feather Toy Creations. Dealing exclusively in Stainless Steel Bird Toys

We have had so many wonderful experiences with our feathered children, we wanted to share them with you through our web.

In December of 1993, we visited the beautiful, tropical island of St. Thomas, USVI.   As we wed on that unforgettable day in December; we knew that moment would be in our hearts and soul forever.

During our honeymoon, we had the opportunity to visit a local tourist attraction called Paradise Point.   We rode the Tramway up the breathtaking mountainside and at the peak there is a small tourist mall.  Inside the mall, were several species of parrots.  We were amazed by their intelligence as well as their incredible feather colorations.  At that time, we did not realize that parrots could be purchased by the general public... This was the start of a beautiful life-long friendship together.

Several years later after moving to New England, we visited a small antique store.   In this store resided several birds.  At the entrance, in a rather large cage, resided a Congo African Grey named Zach.  He was friendly and played with us for a while.  Further in the store, were a pair of Umbrella Cockatoos and several other birds scattered throughout the store.

At that point, we decided it was time to research all we could on parrots.  After all it is supposed to be a life-long commitment to these beautiful creatures.  We wanted to learn about the different species, their habits, cage requirements, nutrition, toys, etc.  After several months of research and visiting various bird and pet stores, we purchased our first parrot, Oliver.



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