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Since 1/2/00

Date last edited:  06/21/12



This is my Abby Girl! 7/99






Another Grey you say?   YES!!  And what a WONDER girl she is....

Abby is a Congo African Grey Parrot.  She was hatched on 8/30/98.  She is the sweetest baby and greets everyone with happy "peeps" and welcoming kisses on the lips.

Abby at 10 months


Update 7/12/99

Abby is such the little lady of the house!   She is the most adorable bird I have ever laid eyes upon.  She loves to play with her toys and cuddle up any chance she gets.  We will sit together at night.. and all of a sudden she will run up to my face and with an open beak give me the softest kiss! She likes to play attack the towel. The cutest thing she does is this... We will sit on the couch and I will skritch her head and she will hold onto my pinky finger while I am scratching her. Heaven forbid if I try to pull away.  She also does this dance when "trying" to leave for work. She will hop back and forth on her feeder from one foot to the Abby May 1999other - kind of like "Don't leave me home all alone wiff dese boys!"

Abby has been on her new diet of Organic Mash, Sprouts and Seeds for over a month now. She is doing wonderfully with it and her behavior has noticeable been wonderful since the change!

Update 2/12/99

I finally posted Abby's beautiful pictures.   She is ruling the roost let me tell you!!  When all three greys are on the floor playing...  She will run after the boys and then SCREAM like they are killing her.  She already is an actress!!!   At 5.5 months she weighs in at 412 grams.

Update 1/15/99

Abby is fitting in so wonderfully.  She loves her new home and is fitting in well with the boys.  We have a Parrot Tower Jr. for her made by Avian Inc (link can be found on my links page) - which she loves!!  She plays with all her toys.  We gave her lots of soft pine toys w/untanned leather. In her cage we have a variety of natural wood perches and one concrete perch to keep those nails trimmed.  She is eating wonderfully - every night when I come home I get greeted with a loud PEEEP!!!!!  Then she fluffs and fan wags her tail.  Her weight has increased to 416 grams.

Abigail at 4 months of age.  She just arrived at her new home!

Abby's Stats

Abby is about 12 inches long at 10 months old and weighs 412 grams.  She is on a Fresh Diet that we converted all our birds to.  You can read about the diet we feed our greys at our Safe Food, Diet Info & Toxicity Page.
Update 7/02: Abby is currently weighing in at 440 grams, 13.5" long and is a very pale grey.

Abby's Favorites

  • Food:  Mango, Pineapple, Organic Peanuts, Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Drinks:  Anything Cold
  • Fun things to do:  Chew up my toys & nightly scritches with Mama & Papa
  • Music CD's:  Raffi's Bananaphone & Corner Grocery Store, Alice Gomez's Flute Dreams
  • Things she says:  Peek A BOOOO!, Hello, Up Up, Whatcha Do?, What are YOU doing? Ow Ow OW!

Abby's Favorite Sites - for African Grey Eyes Only



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