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Since 01/02/00

 Date last edited:  06/20/12


I bet I know what you're thinking.  Music CD's for BIRDS???? You are nuts!!!  Well maybe ~ maybe not!  READ ON.....

Does your birds have built up energy and you are looking for a great way for them to release it in an enjoyable manner?  Let me introduce a few CD's to you....


We recently purchased the above mentioned CD's; they are known to be great bird CD's.  Well let me tell you... Raffi's CD gets my birds going.   They sing, dance and talk their tails off when Raffi is on. Their favorite song is Bananaphone.  I experienced Oliver (my CAG) dancing to it today for the first time!   It really gets them excited and burns up some of that bottled energy they have.   And the nice thing is both Carlos and I enjoy the CD's as well.  We dance with the birds, sing BADLY with them hahaha.  Everyone is happy when Raffi is on.   (PS even my mother enjoyed Raffi's CD's)

Do your birds ever get into a bad mood?   Where they are determined to get into trouble endlessly all night.   I have the answer for you! 

Alice Gomez's Flute Dreams.  When I put on Flute Dreams, it is like someone waved a magic wand over my house.  They instantly get VERY relaxed (Please see **any** of Alice Gomez's CD's listed above).  I highly recommend them.  GOOD BIRD vs. BAD BIRD ~ your choice. :)

Oh almost forgot!  How to order these CD's? These CD's were purchased from .  Just click on the Amazon.Com Icon to order your music CD's.








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