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Welcome to the Parrot Book & Music Store and more importantly *Congratulations* on wanting to keep up on the most up to date readings!!!

Looking to educate yourself on Bird Behavior? What about learning about Avian Nutrition to give your bird a fuller, healthier life with you?!  Just click on the links below to review the books.

Let me introduce a few books I would personally recommend to you....


bullet Behavioral/Research
bullet Medical/Nutrition/Homeopathic
bullet African Greys
Parrots/General & Videos VHS
bullet Macaws




**Holistic Care for Birds David McCluggage**
Homeopathic Treatment for Birds  Beryl Chapman Natural Healthcare for your Bird  Bernard Dorenkamp, Petra Stein
A Guide to a Naturally Healthy Bird  Alicia McWatters Avian Medicine Jaime, Phd, Cbiol, Mibiol, Mvz Samour, Cooper
Gourmet Bird Food Recipes
Holly Armstrong
Comparative Avian Nutrition
Kirk C. Klasing
Parrots : Hand Feeding and Nursery Management
Howard Voren, Rick Jordan
The Parrot in Health and Illness : An Owner's Guide
Bonnie Munro Doane, Martha Vogel
Diseases of Cage and Aviary Birds
Walter J., Jr, Dvm Rosskopf (Editor), Richard W. Woerpel
Avian Medicine : Principles and Application [ABRIDGED]
Donald W. Zantop, Branson Ritchie, Linda Harrison, Don Zantop, Greg J. Harrison
Herbs for Health and Healing Kathi Keville

African Grey Books

The Alex Studies: Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots
Irene Pepperberg
African Grey Parrots: Everything about history, care, nutrition...  by Maggie Wright
The African Grey Parrot Handbook
Matte Sue Athan & Dianalee Deter
The Essential African Grey Pam Higdon
Complete Guide to African Grey Parrots Pamela Hutchinson Keeping African Grey Parrots
David Alderton
The African Grey Julie Rach   

Parrots/General & Videos

Parrot Toys & Play Areas
Carol S. D'Arrezzo, Lauren Shannon-Nunn

 LOOK Who's Talking Video Excellent!!
Video VHS

Amazing Tropical Birds Video VHS

 Audubon's Animal Adventures: Parrots
Video VHS

The Complete Bird Owners Handbook
Gary A. Gallerstein, Heather Acker
The Life of Birds David Attenborough
A Guide To Parrots Of The World
Tony Juniper, Michael Parr
The Atlas of Parrots of the World
David Alderton
Tropical Birds: Amazing Animals Video VHS  Animal Disguises Video VHS


The Encyclopedia of Macaws
Werner Lantermann
The Large Macaws: Their Care, Breeding, and Conservation
Joanne Abramson, Brian L. Speer, Jorgen B. Thomsen (Editor), Marsha Mello (Illustrator)


Do your birds ever get into a bad mood?   Where they are determined to get into trouble endlessly all night?  What about seeing your bird dance to the most favorite CD's?  I have the answer for you! Click here to see the Music Selection.




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