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Congo African Grey ParrotParrots have held great fascination for me all my life. Being owned by a parrot was my dream! I set about to prepare myself and came to an inescapable conclusion. Owning a parrot requires the need to completely educate ourselves about evolved avian behavior as well as all available species specific information prior to delving into "parrot parenthood" with "both talons". Any person with the aspiration to establish a mutually satisfactory and rewarding relationship with a parrot, needs to know that these birds are only a few generations removed from their original environment and thus far from being domesticated. They are wild by nature, their behavior strongly dictated by instincts that have evolved over thousands of years.

Parrots in captivity, whether wild caught or hand raised rely on us for a healthy environment, housing, nutritious foods, family interaction and socialization. By nature and by virtue of the fact that their intelligence level is that of a dolphin or a 3-year-old child we must provide them with toys, diversions and constant interaction. If handled properly, they will reward us with their trust, their "love" and become our life’s loving, charming and forever entertaining companions who never grow up.

When parrots are abused, ignored or neglected they will invariably develop behavioral problems. Learning about avian behavior patterns helps us understand why they act a certain way. Why they sometimes actually resort to self-mutilation or become destructively phobic and why a strongly developed trust is vital to their mental health. We understand how to create this trust and how to satisfy their intellectual needs. Buying a parrot is easy – having a happy parrot requires hard work. With a truly committed investment of patience and understanding, the rewards are endless: Having a parrot trust you, giving you the gift of its love ….is a treasure money cannot buy. It is a unique and marvelously wonderful gift!

With that said, the creation of this web site is meant to aid people in educating themselves.

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