Your First Bird

by Monica Gonzalez : Article Published: 6/30/02



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We take caring for Parrots very seriously. There are too many homeless pets in the world and we want you to take measures in preventing this issue. Prior to purchasing a parrot, here are a few things you should reflect on...

WHY you want an avian companion?
Some parrots have the potential to live 50+ years. Do your homework first! Finding the right bird for your lifestyle is important. Make certain this is the right bird for you and your family. Take a few moments to make a list. Give 10 reasons why you want a pet bird. Then give 10 reasons you should not get a pet bird. Ensure the parrot you are considering fulfills them. Then gather the family members to discuss them. Once you decided on the species of parrot you would like to share your life with, ensure you can you can meet their needs. Various species of parrots are very social and require lots of individual attention.

How much space do you have?
Where do you live? In a small apartment? Own a home? Do you live in the city? Or in the country? Things to think about…
You live in a home which protects you from the weather. You have a place to eat, sleep and play. What species of parrot are you researching? Do you have the space for a cage and a bird play gym? Large parrots require large cages and gyms. Be sure to acquire the right size cage for your bird with the appropriate bar spacing. Check the cage welds and ensure there are no sharp edges where a bird could get hurt on.

Point and fact: A parrot’s voice must be heard. There are several times throughout the day when they will talk, sing, whistle and screech. It is instinctual for them. It is their way of saying “I’m Happy To Be Alive and Loved”, always feel free to join in on the fun. Please keep this in mind, if you live in a community where loud noises are not tolerated.

How will you care for your parrot?

Keep in mind this is your pet bird, it is up to you to care for it. Will you be able to feed your pet bird daily? Birds need fresh fruits & vegetables, fresh water and seeds, nuts, grains and/or pellets. Think of how boring life would be with just seeds and water. A healthy diet promotes good behavior!

Do you have the means to support their toy habits? Birds need various toys to stimulate them. A toy’s job is to be played with and destroyed. Birds, who take interest in toys, are more apt at leaving the furniture alone. Do you have the means to support your bird’s veterinary bills? Ask around, and get a recommendation for a good avian vet. To ensure the well being of your feathered friend, annual check ups are recommended.

A Beak is a Beak is a Beak!
Who would have thought something so small can be so intimidating!
Understand “the beak”, it is the parrot's only means of exploring the world. A parrot’s beak is their self-defense mechanism.

Point and fact: A parrot never bites without a reason or "because they are mean”. They are intricate, intelligent individuals and a bite always has a reason. Every person who belongs to a parrot gets bitten, no matter what the temperament of the parrot or the person. It is imperative you understand your parrot and their body language. That in itself is the key to a happy life with parrots.

Remember, a parrot is the most self-centered, “me first” little person in your household. It is their right! Asking a parrot to share its life with you is a very serious decision; one that should be made with much care and consideration.

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